The people behind the idea of iMUSEUM welcome you to a special place, unique in Greece. Thanks to the trust and excellent collaboration with public and private cultural foundations we achieved the realization of our innovative idea responding to the challenges that came along.

It’s the first time that in one single exhibition you have the opportunity to admire selected replicas from the collections of our country’s most important metropolitan museums and also to be informed about the original artifacts and the time period in which they belong in a pleasant way and in a particularly friendly environment. At the same time the large variety of artifacts addressed to every taste and preference offer you many options in choosing an original personal souvenir or gift.

This one-stop at the iMUSEUM will give you the opportunity to follow a several millennia path through history, having the artifacts themselves as guides. Leaving the Cyclades behind, you will find yourselves in the Minoan palaces and the unique island of Thera to meet the glorious creations of human of the prehistoric Aegean. Right afterwards the most representative artifacts of antiquity will transfer you to Athens and other important cities, such as Olympia, the cradle of the Olympic Games, in their most prosperous time, to have a taste not just for art, but also for the daily life of that era. Your next stop will be Constantinople, the jewel of the Byzantine Empire, where arts and letters reached their peak until the Ottoman conquest. Finally your journey ends with the art in the dawn of Modern Greece.

During your tour don’t hesitate to peer into and even touch the objects or read their stories; stories that will reveal some of their unknown parts, might move you and possibly help you in choosing a special souvenir for you or your beloved ones. More information and visual material about the authentic artifacts and the museums that host them you will find in tablets and video projections that will make your journey through time and place even more exciting.

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